What is SERP in SEO? What are SERP Features?

What is the SERP Full Form in Seo? What are SERP Features?

What is SERP in SEO?

SERP stands for Search engine result page.

SERP is the page displayed by the search engines like Google and Bing in response to a query by a user.

When you type a query or a keyword on Search engines like Google and Bing, the result which appears on your screen is a SERP.

To make your site visible on SERP you need to work on your SEO both on-page and Off-page SEO.

Each Result appears on Serp contains :

A Title,

A Website Link and

A Short Description.

There are 2 types of search results one is Organic and the other is Sponsored.

Google SERP has evolved much in recent years it results now feature images, videos, shopping Advertisements, Maps, and local search results, etc.

Example of SERP Paid Results


Example of SERP Organic Results

Example of SERP Organic Results

What are SERP Features?

SERP features are different elements that are created by Google in order to enrich the results.

Google has dozens of SERP Features which it displays as a result depending on the type of query.

Some of the most popular SERP Features are:


Google Ads are the most common type of results which appear at the top of the SERP,

Each ad has a colored [Ad] label next to it.

Ads Results are appeared above the organic results and can take the first three or four positions of the SERP.

Search engine Google also shows Ads results at the bottom of the Search engine result page.

Ads are further ranked on the basis of a few factors.

Such as Bid, Competition, Keywords, Quality of website, etc

Feature Snippet

Snippets are the short section of the content extracted from the Webpage to displayed on the search results.

It can be an organic or Paid Result. Snippets are mainly in Text form.

Snippets are created from The text, Image. title, and URL.

Image Pack

Images results appear for searchers in a form of thumbnails.

Images can easily draw gain the attention of the searchers.

If clicked on the images it redirects the searcher to Google Images.

Search Engines like Google Ranks images but they can’t read images.

So, In order to rank images, you need to optimize it with

Descriptive file name,

alt text,

SEO Friendly URL,

Optimized image size,

and Title which must include a keyword.

What are SERP Features - Image Pack

Video SERP Feature

Just like Image Pack, Youtube Videos may appear in the search result.

Videos only appear on certain keywords, like How-to, Recipe videos, etc

Video Snippet SERP Feature


Sitelinks are links of a website’s subpages,

they help the users to navigate websites in a better way.

‘Google uses its algorithm to create a site link for a particular site.

Sitelinks Snippet SERP Feature

Knowledge Panel / Knowedge Graph

Google uses Knowledge Card to provide accurate information to their searchers in a short span of time.

Google analyze millions and millions of data that users search regularly

and what is the purpose of these searches.

Then Google uses all the facts, people, and places together and creates relevant data.

Knowledge Cards Examples

Knowledge Panel Examples
What is Knowledge Graph

Local Pack

LOCAL SEO: This SERP Feature helps the Searchers to find a Product or service in their local.

It’s also beneficial for businesses that want to promote their products to local customers.

For Example, If you search “Haircut near me”

local pack local seo serp feature

For Example, If you search “Restaurants near me”

local seo serp feature

News Box

News Box is another Serp Feature that displays the latest news from the variety of eligible sites.

News Pack SERP Feature

Related Questions / FAQ

When you search a query on google it also shows Question/FAQ card.

These are actually questions that Google believes are related to your search.

If you click on the questions it expands and shows a detailed answer.


Review/votes are displayed for products, recipes, and a few other items in the SERP.

Rating in SERP is shown under the descriptions.

A higher rating may increase the chance of people click on the site. Means high CTR.

Reviews Rating SERP Feature Snippet


The recipe is another Serp Feature that displays Recipes from the variety of eligible sites.

Recipe Snippet SERP Feature

Shopping Results

Shopping is another SERP Feature, it’s a paid Placements.

It’s very helpful for the sellers who want to sell their products online.

Listing can be in Horizontal form, or on the right side.

Shopping Snippet SERP Feature

These were the SERP Features, Learn more about the Digital Marketing.

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