What is Reddit

What is Reddit? How to use Reddit? Reddit For Marketers

What is Reddit?

When it’s come to Social Media, the majority of people talk about Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. But Reddit also plays a big role in Social media Strategy.

According to Alexa, It is currently the 18th most visited site in the world and 6th most visited in the United States.

It’s a Social networking site where members form a community of different interest, All you need to do is find a community of your interest and become a part of it.

In these communities, registered members submit content to the site such as links, text posts, Gifs, and images, people also have a right to upvote or downvote any content.

Reddit claims itself to be “the front page to the Internet“. And it’s the best place for businesses that want to target a highly specific niche audience.

This social media platform is very big and specific. Whether you are searching for news, debate, films, answers, Arts, technology, memes, or any other Web Content, Reddit is the perfect place.

What is a Subreddit?

As I told you before that Reddit has different communities according to the interest. A subreddit is a name given to these online communities.

Subreddits can also be explained as a particular topic that the audience writes about, and they’re denoted by /r/, followed by the subreddit’s name, e.g., /r/science, /r/digital marketing, /r/Social media.

Today there are more than 138,000 subreddits in Reddit. Some of the most subscribed Subreddits are

  • /r/announcements with 58,592,246 Subcribers
  • /r/funny with 30,781,470 Subscribers
  • /r/AskReddit with 28,134,498 Subscribers
  • /r/gaming with 26,438,597 Subscribers

You can also create your own Subreddit if you are a registered member of Reddit. Your account should be a minimum of 30 days old and good positive karma.

What are Flairs?

Flairs are like tags which you can use while posting a content if your community allows flairs. Flairs tells audience about what the submission is about.

What is Reddit Karma?

What is Reddit Karma

Reddit Karma represents how much a user has contributed to the community. Karma can be subdivided into two (Post Karma) and (Comment Karma).

Whenever someone upvotes your submission or comment your Karma increases. Or in case if someone downvotes your content your karma reduces.

How to use Reddit for Marketing?

Reddit For Marketing

According to a survey, The majority of users are male between the age of 25-35 years old, most of them have a bachelor’s degree and an annual income of more than $25,000.

So, if you are promoting a product or service whose target audience is men, This platform can be a perfect place for you.

Sign-Up on Reddit

How to signup in reddit

The first thing you should do while signing up in Reddit is to verify your email.

Second, Choose you username which includes your brand name or keyword because you won’t get a chance to change your username again in the future.

Unlike most Social media sites like Facebook and Twitter and Instagram, Reddit is not just for Friends, but it’s a place of different communities. People Spends around 10 minutes and 23 seconds per visit on the site.

Just like any other social media site, It can also provide you huge traffic if your website content is great and unique.

Be Consistent

Just like any other Social Media Platforms, Consistency is one of the key factors to grow on Reddit.

Some of the subreddits have higher frequency and volume of submissions, while some have less active with only a few submissions in a day.

A you need to do is adjust your submission count and time according to your subreddit.

Proper optimization of submissions can help to drive high volume of traffic to your Website.

Be Unique

Your content should be Unique original and high quality. Try to create separate content for Reddit or optimize it according to the platform.

Interact with the people, share your submission link to your friends, and ask them to engage by upvoting and commenting.

Reddit Advertisment

ads on Social media platforms

This Platform also have an advertisment service where you can advertise your submission to drive traffic to your webpage.

While optimizing your ad campaigns you get an option to show your ads to all Site or to target specific subreddits.

Many businesses are using Reddit Ads to found success through this platform.

Subjects that do extremely well on Reddit

  • Educational
  • Photography
  • Art
  • Politics
  • Games
  • Technology
  • Science
  • Music
  • Food
  • Health and Fitness

Type of Content on Reddit

Reddit gives you an option to post Text, links, photos, videos, and much more, the best strategy to increase engagement by engaging with the people.

Post a Submission on Subreddit


Text post are short and generic post, Many text post in reddit are questions for discussion.

Reddit Video

Videos submissions are also a very famous form of content, Many people post links of Youtube videos. Though Reddit videos have a low engagement rate than other types of content.

Many subreddits do not allow video or link submission, they are largely famous in gaming community.

Reddit Images

Images are a very popular form of content that Redditors love to post. Pictures and Images give you more engagement than videos and require less attention.

Reddit Gifs

Gif’s are a snipped of a video. This platform lets you upload GIFs natively. Almost all the subreddits allows you to post gifs.

Gif’s give a high engagement rate compared to the other form of content. Try to add them to find success on this platform.


Posting a link is common on Reddit. But there are few communities that do not allow link posting aiming to stop spam.

If you are posting a link to your website make sure that the content you are sharing is worth sharing and match the community interest.

Try not to spam or if you do than moderators may remove your link or block you from community.

Reddit News

Reddit is also a hub of Breaking News, Communities like News, politics, WorldNews, Interview have millions of members each.

Members in these communities share timely updates and Breaking News. They are discussed in the community and sometimes becomes they become a major issue for a community.

What is Reddit AMA?

AMA is a short term of “Ask Me Anything”. In Reddit, it is a Subreddit where a person tells the people to ask me anything, the community responds by asking them questions just like an interview.

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