What are HTML Tags in SEO_ Which HTML tags are important For SEO_

What are HTML Tags in SEO? Which HTML tags are important For SEO?

HTML tags are one of the most crucial elements of the website. It makes search engines to read and understand your content. Usually, all the work associated with Html coding on the website is done by a coder.

But that doesn’t mean that a Digital Marketer or an SEO specialist does not need any knowledge of Html Tags.

It’s necessary for SEO guru to know the basics of HTML, they do not need to be a pro in coding but should know some important HTML tags which impact the ranking of a website.

What is HTML? What are HTML Tags used for?

HTML stands for Hypertext Markup Language. It’s a Standard markup language for creating a Webpages.

It can be links, pictures, text, and sounds. It is used to create electric documents called Webpage, which is displayed on the Web Browser.

Do HTML Tags Help in SEO?

Yes, Tags are very important in SEO you can’t ignore them. Tags not only help your Seo Strategy.

When you add tags in your site you make good communication with Search Engines and further help Search engines to determine what your content is about.

Now you are familiar with What are Html tags and what are their role in SEO.

Below We have mentions the Most important Tags which every Digital Marketer should know. Lets’s start with the first one.

Html Head Tag

Head Tag is the most important Tag. It is a container for all the elements or Tag and it’s in the HTML Format.

Html Title Tag

Title Tag is one of the most important On-Page SEO Element and it’s the main tag that describes the documents/Content.

It makes the search engines understand exactly what your content about on the Webpage.

The title should not exceed 55 characters. </p> <p>Start the text with <title> and end with .

How To add HTML Title Tag in WordPress?

If your are using WordPress it will be far easy for you to add HTML Tags specially Title Tag.

  1. Open Your WordPress Dashboard.

    how to add Title tag in post in wordpress

  2. Click On the Posts.

    how to add Title tag in post in wordpress2

  3. Select the post that you’d like to add a title tag or click on New Post.

  4. Click Where the post says “Enter title here,” type in what you want as your title tag.

    how to add Title tag in post in wordpress add title here

One important thing Before you start Writing your Title Tag is that it should be Unique and eye-catching.

Must include keywords on the topic you have written. And give a complete idea to the viewers about your content.

Html Meta Tags

Meta Tags are equally important to Title Tag and create a huge impact on SEO,

These Tags are included in Head Tag and read by search engines. Here are a few examples of Meta Tags.

Html Meta Descriptions

Meta Description is equally important to Title Tag, Meta Description in SERP appears below the Title Tag.

It’s actually a short description of the content of your page.

Perfectly Optimized Meta Description can create a huge impact on the audience and can force them to click on the website. Do remember to place one targeted keyword in Description and Title both.

In the HTML code,it appears in the section between <title> and </title> tags.

SEO Meta Description Tag should not be more than 160 Characters.

How to Add Meta Description in WordPress?

Adding a Meta Description in WordPress is very easy.

  • Go to the post where you want to add meta Description.
  • On the right side in post settings, you will see an option named SEO Description. or you can install “Yoast SEO Plugin”, with the help of this plugin you can easily add Meta Description for your post.
  • Type Meta Description, It should be informative, describes your content, and must include keywords and remember the limit which is 160 characters.
How to fill Html Meta Tag Description by Yoast SEO

Meta Tag Keywords

Meta Keyword is a tag used to help search engines to identify which keywords are more relevant to the content.

It’s no longer used have had less impact on SEO but many SEO experts still use this Tag.

In the HTML code,it appears in the section between <title> and </title> tags.

It will be much easier if you use the plugin Called SEO Yoast. In this Plugin, you can easily add Title Tag, Meta Description, Meta Keywords Separately for each Page.

Further, this plugin will suggest to you if any improvements you can do on your SEO.

Meta Author

Meta Author actually defines the author of the Page.

In the HTML code,it appears in the section between <title> and </title> tags.

Heading Tag or Header Tag

I’ve previously explained this topic in my SEO Post that Heading Tags or Header Tag are the best and the easiest way to organize and to give a proper structure to your content.

Further, it also provides convenience to the audience while reading and to understand in a better and simple way.

Heading Tag not only optimizes your content but it also plays a very important part of SEO. When you properly mentions your headings in your posts,

it becomes easy for search engines to understand exactly which the content is about.

The headline of content is H1 Tag. Subheadings under the Head tags will be H2.

H1 and H2 have the most SEO power compared to the other Subheads like H3, H4, H5, and H6. But still, it would be better to use them.

Image Alt Tag

Many people do not take Image alt tag seriously and focus on the written content, but in reality Images can boost your organic traffic.

People do not search for the written content every time, they do search for the Images and videos too.

Search Engines like google cannot read images, they can read only words.

To overcome this issue you need to add Html Alt tags in your images. By adding alt tags in images google can figure out what type of image is it.

By that, you can make your images rank in the search engine in the image tab. So if someone is searching for an image he can also find your content which is obviously linked to your website.

Alt Tag looks like this

Html Image alt Tag

How to add Alt Tag in Images In WordPress.

Well, If you upload any image on WordPress on the right-side column WordPress gives an option to add an alt tag, If somehow you didn’t add Alt Tag then you can follow the steps given below.

To Add ALT tag in WordPress post,

  • First Select and Click the Image you uploaded in WordPress Post.
  • A Bar will appear with alignments on left side. You need to click on the pencil on Right Side.
  • A Dialog Box will appear with Title, Caption, ALt Tag, and Description.
  • Write something on the Alt Text box and describe what image is actually about.
  • If any other box is empty suggest fill all the blanks. It will help in the SEO ranking of the image.
  • Click on Save.

Html Anchor Tags

I’ve highlighted how important are backlinks in Seo in another post. What are Backlinks in SEO? 

Creating backlinks means you are gonna link your website with others.

Even if you take someone else content for eg images, you need to give the credit to the creator and you do it by mentioning a link to his site.

I’ve seen many people just add a link on their webpage and do not use the Anchor text. It overall creates a negative impact on your SEO Score.

Search Engines like Google use anchor text to understand what the link is about. Where and why are you linking?

Anchor Tag looks like this

Html Anchor Tag

In the above example, ‘Long Tail Keywords’ is the anchor text.

Suppose you are doing a guest blogging and in return, you a getting a backlink with good anchor text. It will not only bring organic traffic but further boost your ranking in search engines.

The same is with you when you give someone backlink with anchor text it will help them in SERP Ranking.

Make sure to use anchor text even If you are linking webpage of your own site because it will improve your own Domain Authority.

Canonical Tags

Every Site must have a Canonical Tag Because This tag tells the search engines to prioritize the main webpage rather than the other similar webpages.

In a simple way, If you have single webpage with multiple url’s, Search Engines like Google sees that url’s as duplicates.

Search engines crawl only one URL and consider other URLs as duplicates and ignore them.

How to Solve www error?

To solve this issue we add Canonical Tag. Canonical Tag tells Google that all these URLs are not duplicates but are URLs of a single webpage.

For Example, For Google below urls are all Duplicate of a single webpage, but actually these are Single Webpage.

  • http://www.example.com
  • https://www.example.com
  • http://example.com

Canonical Tag Tag looks like this

Canonical HTML Tag

How to Add Canonical Tag in WordPress?

I would suggest you to use softwares to add Tags. By using softwares it become super easy for you to add tags. If you are using wordpress try using Yoast SEO Plugin.

To add Canonical Tag in your Website using yoast SEO.

  • Go to the WordPress Dashboard.
  • On the left-hand side, you will see a menu that allows you to navigate to your posts, pages. Click edit and scroll down to Yoast SEO meta box.
  • To Add canonicals Tag, use the “Advanced” section on SEO Tab.
  • Add a Full Canonical tag in the canonical Url field.

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