What are Backlinks in SEO and How to Build Backlinks

What are Backlinks in SEO? How to Build Backlinks and What are Benefits of Building Backlinks?

What are Backlinks in SEO?

Backlinks in SEO plays a very vital role. A backlink is a link that is incoming to your website.

In a simple way, Backlink is a simple link from one webpage to another webpage.

Search Engines like Google and Bing uses Backlink as a primary metric for the ranking of a webpage.

A Webpage which has more backlinks than their competitors gets a favor in ranking in SERP. That’s because if any webpage gets more SEO backlinks then Search engines believe the content is Valuable.

Not Just a Number but the Quality of Backlink also plays a major factor in site ranking.

Higher the Quality of Backlink, Higher the chance of your Webpage to appear in the search results in SEO.

Types Of Backlinks in SEO

There are Two Types of Backlinks

NoFollow Backlink

Nofollow links are those links that do not effect the Page Rank. When the Search engine crawl the webpages it do not count the nofollow links or they simply ignore them.

Only the visitors can follow these links.

Example Of NoFollow Link

Example of a Nofollow Link

DoFollow Backlink

DoFollow Links are those links that improve the PageRank. These are those Tags that both Humans and search engines can Follow.

The more Do-Follow Links the Website has more chance it has to be listed in SERP and appear in the search result.

But another important factor is that Do-Follow Links should come from trusted sites.

If links that come from a Suspicious site or links gained by violating the terms and services of the search engines may downgrade your site or permanently deindex your site from Search Engines.

Example of DoFollow Link

why Backlinks are so Important for SEO?

Backlinks Boost Ranking in SERP

Backlinks have always remained one of the top three factors which improve the Ranking. A Website which has More and Quality backlinks than their competitors gets a better rank in Search Engine.

Each Backlink Tag indicates the Search Engine that the Content on this webpage is more useful.

Backlinks Gives you Organic Traffic

Organic Traffic with Backlinks

One of the biggest advantage of Backlinks is that they give you referral traffic. The best way to get a referral traffic is by creating an anchor text links.

For Example, If you write an article for other people blog in a condition to get a Backlink.

If someone is reading an article he or she may click on the link to know more about the topic. The Traffic you get is called Referral Traffic.

Quick Indexing

Search Engines Crawler like Google Bot Keep crawling the webpages from the web. They do that to build a searchable index for the search engine.

The More DoFollow Backlinks you create the more crawlers discover your site.

It overall Index the site faster than the sites which have low backlinks because the Search engine bot hardly discovers them during crawling.

How to Build Backlinks for a completely new Website.

Till now we have discussed what is Backlink, Types of Backlinks. Why are Backlinks so Important.

Now let’s study How to Build Backlinks for your Website

Before we go further it’s important to Keep in mind that the Quality of Backlink is a more important factor than the number of Backlinks In SEO.

So If you want to rank high in Search Engine Result Page (Commonly known as SERP) try focusing on the Quality Backlink. A Sole Quality Backlink is better than Thousand of Poor Quality Backlink.

Now let’s discuss what is the measure to get Quality Backlinks.

  1. Submit Guest Posts to Other Blogs and in return, you must get a backlink in a meaningful “Anchor Text“.
  2. Do Blog Commenting but in limited try not to spam.
  3. Do Forum Posting and link your Webpage.
  4. Answer Questions in Discussion Forums like Quora and Yahoo Answers and Post a Backlink.
  5. Submit Your Blog in Directories (Directory Submission).
  6. Submit Your Blog in Social Bookmarking Sites like Twitter, Pinterest, StumbleUpon, Dribble, Pocket, Digg, Reddit, Slashdot.
  7. Use Web 2.0 sites to link back to your Posts.
  8. Create an Awesome Wikipedia Page of your site and include a link back to your site.
  9. Create a Video in Video Platforms like Youtube, Vimeo, and Give link in Description.
  10. Contact the other bloggers of your niche and ask them to exchange links with you.
  11. Do a PR (Press Release).
  12. Article Submission.
  13. Try getting a Backlink from the Sites which give Backlink to your Competitors.
  14. Write a Long and High-Quality Content in your Site.
  15. Write Linkbait Post.
  16. Create a Facebook Group and Facebook Page and redirect the traffic to your Webpage.
  17. Create an Instagram Account and redirect the traffic to your site.
  18. Submit your Site in Local Classified Directories.
  19. Post on Trending topics on your site. People will read and share.
  20. Submit your Site to .edu and .gov forums and blogs. These types of Webpages have yery high Page Rank and Domain Authority which will directly help you.

What are High Quality backlinks?

What makes a Backlink a High Quality Backlink, here are few qualities which makes a link into a Powerful Backlink.

High Quality backlinks

Domain Authority (DA)

The Domain Authority (DA) of a Website is calculated by multiple factors like Age, Name, Popularity of Domain. It is scored by o-100 marks. Higher Domain Authority of a Website indicated how reputed a website is in its industry. Greater Domain Authority will increase the chance of a website to appear in Search Result.

There are various tool that you can use to Check your Domain Authority, such as ahref

Page Rank (PR)

Page Rank (PR) is another Algorithm used by Google to rank the Webpages in SERP. It is scaled between 0-10. Rating is to measure the quality of the Webpage. Getting High PR Backlinks will boost the chances of your Webpage to appear in Search Results.

Citation Flow (CF)

The citation Flow (CF) metrics are rated between 0 – 100. A Website will have a high Citation Flow if a higher number of sites connected to it. A backlink from a site with a high Citation Flow may have great worth.

Trust Flow (TF)

A Website gets a high Trust Flow (TF) if high Qualities Websites are linked to it. Trust Flow metric is rated between 0 – 100 Points. Linking a website to Trustworthy sites will further Help to increase your Sites Trust Flow.

Spam Score

Spam Score metric of a website is based on 0 – 17. A high spam score may increase the chance of your site to be being penalized by the Search engine. Try not to create a backlink from the High Spam Webpage because a Backlink from a high Spam Score Website may harm your ranking in SERP.

Links Count

You must have seen a Webpage which has Hundreds of External Links to other Web Pages. If the Webpages have many External links most probably it may turn out to be spam and it will not be valuable. Try to avoid a backlink from those Pages.

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