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Social Media Marketing Guide: Creating Social Media Marketing Strategy

Social Media Marketing Strategy is everything you planned to achieve a goal in Social Media. Before we go further in Social Media Strategy, we need to understand what is SSM.

What is Social Media Marketing?

SMM or Social media marketing is one of the digital marketing technique that uses Social networking websites and apps as a marketing tool.

The prime goal of Social Media Marketing (SMM) is to produce content that users share in their social networking sites to help a company increase brand exposer and broaden customer reach.

Social Media in terms of Social is


Social Media in terms of Commercial View

        Brand Value
     Business Visibility

Today, Social Media is the fastest growing online platform that can be used to gain publicity to increase the awareness of a product, brand, or event.

Social Media platforms

Social media Platforms

The major Social media platforms at the moment are

Users: 2.2 billion

Users: 1.9 billion

Users: 335 billion

Users: One billion

Users: 645 million

Users: 300 million

Users: 250 million

Why is Social Media Marketing so Important?

There are a lot of reasons why you should use Social Media and create well planned and optimized Social Media Marketing Strategy. I’ve listed few of them below

Creates Brand Awareness

Getting a Brand Recognition is important for every business because it creates a memorable impression on a customer.

As I stated above that Social media sites have billions of people globally. So it becomes a very important, easy, and effective platform for brand building.

Easy to connect with the Customers.

Social Media is the best way to connect and build a relationship with your followers.

It give you an option to directly communicate with your audience by posts, answering their queries and comments and ask for the feedback about your product and services.

It also helps you understand what trends your audience is following.

Direct Traffic to your Site/Blog

In the early stage of your business, it is difficult to build, implement all online marketing techniques such as SEO and wait for the site to appear in the SERP.

But on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram you can post your shareable content and drive traffic direct to your website.

Social Media is inexpensive and makes content viral.

It’s easy and free to create social media profiles and post content in their Business Page and Group. But Nowadays it’s not easy to make content viral in Social Media especially Facebook.

There are a few elements you can add in your post to make your post viral and help achieve the target group and target audience.

  • Anger
  • Fear
  • Excitement
  • Happiness

Note – Sadness should never be in the post.

Social media viral content

However, you can go further and use Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter Ads to promote it further.

It’s very easy to promote your business on Facebook all you need to do is set up an ad campaign targeting your interest with any budget.

Social Media increases Trust

Social media is a platform for a community of people, people will trust you if you being helpful by replying their comments and answering questions regarding your Product and service from your followers.

Learn How to Generate Leads with Social Media

Social Media platforms are is the most effective technique to generate leads online. Advertising your products and service is the smoothest way to generate leads online.

Here are few Strategies on How to generate leads through social media.

  • Set an Ad Campaign.
  • Include Links to the landing page in your Post.
  • Create Contest or Poll.
  • Enable Facebook and Instagram Shopping Feature.
  • Add Call to Action button to your Facebook Page.

How to Create a Social Media Marketing Strategy?

What are your Goals?

Before creating Social Media Marketing Strategy you need to examine what are your business goals.

Some use social media for promoting their Brands, some to drive traffic toward website/blog, some for driving sales, and some use social media to create a community.

Which Social media platform is best for your content?

Choosing the social media platform to focus more is largely depends on what type of content you want to share.

For Example

If your Content is in the form of Images/Photos then Instagram and Pinterest are the best platforms, Youtube, Vimeo is for Video Content.

Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Snapchat, WhatsApp and many more small and up-coming platforms are there which you can pick you to think your target audience is on than to be on all platforms.

Another important point which you need to take care of before setting Social Media Marketing Strategy is where your target audience.

For Example

FB has more than 2 billion users and the majority of the users are millennials. Facebook is the best social media platform for advertising and increasing brand value.

Facebook Business can directly sell your products and service Customers. Twitter is the best source to create a relationship with customers and businesses.

On the other hand, Linkedin is best for business to business relationships, and youtube, Snapchat and Pinterest for brand awareness and entertainment.

Make sure you choose the right Platform before creating a Social Media Marketing Strategy.

Keep an eye on your Competitor

Keeping an eye on competitors doesn’t mean to follow them, try not to interact with your competitors on social media.

Because it may increase their reach, their web clicks and followers and your competitors may take advantage to attract your customers with offers and freebies.

Even if you and your competitors are in the same industry they may have different ways or mindset on things than you do.

It’s very important for you to monitor your competitors to understand what’s going on in your industry.

Learn How to Create a unique, appealing and Viral Content on Social Media.

Create a unique, appealing content that people like, share, and engage is the most difficult task to do in Social Media.

Try to create content better than your competitors to gain an edge over them. because some of your people that follow you may also follow your competitor’s profile.

If your content is more engaging then your rivals it will give them a reason to engage with your brand. It also increases the chance that people browsing your profile follows you.

Be Regular on Social Media

When you post regularly on social media platforms, your audience see more of your brand. But it also depends on the quality of your post.

If you posting 3 to 4 posts a day you need a proper reason and quality content to do so.

Because a study found that if you post too much on your business profiles your followers may found it irritating.

Try to post one or two posts per day for better engagement.

Social Media Advertising

Social Media Advertising

There was a time when it was very easy to make content viral and gaining followers organically after few months of creating social media profiles people receive lots of friends request, shares, likes, and comments because of the good content.

But Nowadays social media platforms especially Facebook are making it difficult to build an organic following. The reason is the Ad revenue.

Every platform like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram wants to make money, so you no longer rely only on organic reach.

A positive point is the majority of social media sites have very reasonable advertisement costs.

So once you have funds invest that money on social media ads because it will allow you to reach a wider audience than those who are following you.

One of the Best Platform is Facebook and Instagram ads, they give you an option to display ads to your targeted audience.

You can optimize your Facebook ad campaign based on demographics, interest, behavior, gender, age group, and much more.

Another advantage of an ad campaign is that you can edit the campaign at any time.

Analyse and Learn

Social media Analysis means to collect all the valuable data from your social media account and analyze them to ensure that all your work is done is helping you to achieve your goal. If not then when went wrong and how to re-correct them.

You can use these tools to analyze your social media account.

Facebook Analytics
Twitter Analytics
Instagram Analytics
Google Analytics

How to Know that your Campaign was Successful, By reviewing Some Social Media terms or Social Media Metrics.


Content is anything that you Post. In the case of Social media, it can be in the form of Facebook Post, Tweet, Photo you post on Instagram, Video, book, an audio file, etc.


Engagement is a metric to analyze social media performance. It includes Clicks, Likes, Comments, replies in your Social Media Posts.


Hashtags have become very common nowadays. It makes very easy for brands and users to describe your topic.

Facebook, twitter, instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr and now Youtube, all these social media platforms uses hashtags.

Further, when many people use your hashtags in their posts, it increases your popularity and brand value.


These are Posts that your followers and another audience share in their profile. This is the most important metric after like.

The more people share your post the more people will engage with your post. And the bonus point is these are all organic (Means you are not paying for it).

People will share your content with others only when your content is good and worth enough.


Reach means the number of people who have watched your content.


A number of people follow you on a particular social media platform, in the case of Youtube they are Subscribers.


Impression means number of time audience have seen your posts, Does’nt matter if they engage by clicking or not.

For Example

Think of your Facebook newsfeeds, you must have seen many posts while scrolling but engage with only a few once.

Video Views

This is the number of views you get on your video. On Youtube, Vimeo, Tumblr, Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, or any other social channel have video facilities.

Profile Visits

Number of people visited your profile page or business page.


How many people mention your profile in their post by using “@”.


Number of people repost a piece of your content in their social profile.

Once you Analyse all your social media metrics you can improve your overall engagement by correcting, enhancing, and editing your social media strategy to perform better in Social Media Platforms.

For Example

Suppose while analyzing your report you found that your followers are more from specific demography or audience with age group between 30-40 is engaging with your content.

So you can shift your strategy to create content that directly target a specific demography and age group.

Now lets take a look at the most Popular Social Media Sites.


Facebook Marketing

Currently, Facebook is the biggest Social Media Platform in the world with over 2.5 Billion Users. FB provides you the most specific data which you can use to generate the most targeted ads.

Facebook is a place where people connect with friends, family, and make friends.

It also gives a variety of options as far as content is concerned. here users can post text, images, videos, Gif, links, etc. Further, you can also create polls, Raise money, and much more.

Try not to use links every time, try to keep users on the Facebook platform, because people get annoyed when they get redirected to a different site. Keep your audience in their comfort zone.

Facebook Business Manager

In the beginning, you can start by creating Facebook Business Fan Page, optimize your page according to your requirements, and then start publishing posts,

But still, Organic reach on Facebook is very limited, to counter this issue you need a cost-effective Facebook Ads. Facebook plays very crucial role in Social Media Marketing Strategy.

Creating a Facebook Ads is quite simple and easy.

First, Go to the landing page for the Facebook Business Manager. Click “Create Account” in the top right-hand corner.

How to create a business manager account in facebook

Step 1: Then enter your business name and click “Continue.”

How to create a Facebook Business manager account

Step 2: Then add your name and your email address then click Finish.

How to create a Facebook Business manager account

After clicking Finish it will take you to Facebook Business Manager Dashboard.

Optimization of Facebook ad Campaigne

As I told you above, Facebook provides you the most specific data which you can use to generate the most targeted ads.

You can optimize your ad campaigns based on the people’s demographic, age, gender, interest, device, language, behaviour, and much more.

All these details matter a lot for a business. By using all these details businesses can directly target their desired audience.

Before setting the Facebook advertising campaign you need to decide your prime goal/Objective.

What do you want to achieve by your Facebook Advertising Campaign, do you want to drive traffic to your Website/Blog, Increase engagement, promote your Facebook Page, sell a product or something else. Just select one from the list.

After selecting your objective, you need to choose your audience based on location, age, language, interest, connections, etc.

The first thing you’ll get to choose when creating a Facebook advertising campaign is the goal of your campaign.

How to create a Facebook Ads

Do you want to drive traffic to your website, drive conversions, promote your Facebook Page, get engagement on your post, or something else?

Just select the one you want.

Then, you’ll also get to choose your audience based on their location, age, gender, language, interests, behaviors, and connections.

Then You get an option to choose in which device you want to show your advertisements, Desktop, Smartphone, Laptop, etc. Facebook also gives an option for Automatic Placements,

If you want FB to make automatic placement then yes can turn it on, but I recommend you remove automatic placements. And Select Manually according to your strategy.

how to create facebook ads - Social media optimization
how to create facebook ads - Social media optimization
how to create facebook ads - Social media optimization

You also get an option to integrate Instagram into placement options. That means you can run these ads on Instagram also.

You just need to select Instagram ad placement from the option and then further select feeds, stories, or both.

Facebook Pixels

Facebook Pixel is one of the most powerful analytics tools that can increase your success rate by understanding the user’s behavior towards your Webpage.

In simple Words, It finds people who have visited your site before and taken a desired action on your website and show them your ads again.

For Example

Suppose you have set the Facebook ad campaign with Facebook pixels set up for your e-commerce website, Let say if someone visited your site and add some products to his cart but didn’t make a purchase.

Facebook pixels receives and stores these actions. With Facebook Pixels Integrated it will reach the person again through your Future Facebook ads. This means it helps drive more sales.

So make sure you setup your Facebook Pixels to increase your performence.

The next step is to give Duration of Your Advertisement means how long you want your ad to run, Give start and end date.

Then you need to provide a total budget for your ads then press Publish/Boost ads.


Instagram is an American photo and video sharing social media platform with over 1 billion users.

This app allows people to post pics and videos which can be edited with filters and organized by use hashtags, the audience has an option to like, save, comment, tag friends, share, etc.

Facebook acquired Instagram in 2012, just after 24 months of it’s launched. And in 2015, they monetize it in 2015.

What is Instagram - Instagram strategies

The engagement rate on Instagram is more compared to other Social media Platforms. Liking, commenting, and tagging on Instagram is much easier than Facebook and Twitter, that’s why people do more on Instagram.

How to Start with Instagram?

Instagram is mainly a Picture App. When you are starting on Instagram from scratch try to focus on Posting Good and quality Images.

A good Instagram Post can promote your brand, increase your followers, and gain a good engagement rate.

It very important to post unique and quality content because of competition, more than 90 million of Images and Videos are posted on Instagram each day.

In the beginning, you can start by posting inspirational quotes, photos of items from luxury brands, or other content related to your brand, etc. But once you set a base you can use other options as well.

Top 5 Creative Instagram Post Ideas.

Ask Questions from your Followers about your Product and service.

If you ask questions from your Followers about your products and services they may give you positive and negative feedback, You can ask suggestions from your followers on how to improve their products/services.

Conduct “Ask Me Questions”.

This idea is very great if you are a company because it gives you an opportunity to directly engage with your followers.

It gives an opportunity to your Followers to ask questions to you. You can select the questions you think are meaningful and reply to them.

Post what is trending.

Posting what is trending creates awareness among brands and customers. It’s an easy way to get engagement and increase followers.

Nowadays, posting a trending content is a key Social Media Marketing Strategy for many brands.

But make sure your post have an positive effect among audiences otherwise it may affect your brand and followers. Try to avoid unrelated content.

Use a Daily #Hashtags.

Daily hashtags are hashtags that are related to specific days of the week, for example, #mondaymotivation, #Throwbackthursday.

It’s a great way to build engagement with your followers. By using Hashtags on your post makes you visible for a wider audience.

The more popular hashtags you use the more chance of you getting more engagement, Followers, and Brand Publicity.

You can use tools such as hashtagify to find the right hashtag for your niche.

Show a Social Media Influencer using your Product or Services.

There are thousands of Social media influencers with millions of followers each, all you need to do is search the influencer of your industry, ask them to use your product and services and post a review on their Instagram.

Obviously they will not do it for free, you need to pay them, but once they post a positive review about your product in their profile you can turn their followers into your customers,

Further, their followers may come and follow you too. You can also repost their post on your profile.

Many brands use this method as a key Social Media Marketing Strategy.

Instagram Stories.

In 2016 Instagram launched another feature named Instagram Stories, it lets users add photos, videos, gifs that gets deleted automatically in 24 hours. Today,

Instagram stories

More than 500 million people use stories every day. You can create your own stories that show users about your brand.


Social media marketing Youtube.png

Youtube has become one of the most important elements for Online Marketing. It’s a prime location for Video Marketing.

No other site host more videos than Youtube.

Many people do not like to read, so you can turn your blog post into video and the other best thing is that there is no limit on the duration of your video and videos get viral quickly than blog posts.

Though Youtube is not easy and is the most difficult among other Social media channels. You need high-quality recording equipment and powerful editing software.

All you need is to sign-Up on Youtube from your Gmail Account and create a channel.

Some popular Ideas for your Youtube Channels
  1. Personal Vlogging
  2. Gaming Channel
  3. Review Products
  4. Travel Vlogging
  5. How to do Videos
  6. Cooking Videos
  7. Educational Videos
  8. Funny Videos
  9. News and Facts
  10. Health And Fitness
  11. Top 10
  12. Timelapse
  13. Discussion
  14. Animation
  15. Business Intro
  16. Product Launch
  17. Event Promotion
  18. Business Advice
  19. Film Technology
  20. Dancing, Singing

If you are a business and want to promote your brand on youtube, you can create your Business intro video in which you can explain what business you do and provide other details about your business.

Make sure you keep your business channel look professional, clearly display your logo and tagline, so that viewer can identify your brand easily, keep your video quality great and professional.

After Your Intro Video, you can make your product videos, With a well planned and organized Social Media Marketing Strategy Youtube can be a reliable source to attract new customers online.

If your viewers like your product and services and found trustworthy they may convert into your Loyal customers.

Youtube Live

Youtube is now the second-largest search engine after Google and the leading platform for watching Videos.

Social media marketing Youtube.png

To go live on youtube now means to stream live videos on the app to accomplish various purposes.

According to a survey it was found that users on youtube make purchase decisions based on what they watched, that why almost all the brands publish their video and live stream from time to time.

When you go live and interact with viewers, you can answer their questions and explain your product/service.

It increases trust between a brand and viewers and further helps to maximize your reach.

Many international companies are using Youtube live as a medium to launch their products and some use it as a medium to create hype for their product before launch. It is also a cost-effective medium,

Since the videos are live, there are no multiple-takes or post-production costs added to your budget.


Linkedin marketing

Linkedin is mainly used by professionals for networking, it is mainly designed for business professionals to connect and share business.

Here people learn about what’s new in their industries and how to do business in a better way.

It is also used by the job seeker to find a job by posting their resumes/CV and employers post jobs.

Linkedin Groups

Linkedin Groups is similar to Facebook Groups but is for business people and professionals. which usually discuss their work.

It would be better for you if you find groups of interest and join. It’s an easy strategy to connect with people of your industry, make relations with them, and think about how you can take benefit to grow your business.

Linkedin Ads

Just like Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, and Instagram you can create and run ads on Linkedin too.

Linkedin Can be a perfect place to do business in the business marketplace. The reason is that people on Linkedin are there to do business only.


What is SMM?

Social Media Marketing also known as “SMM” is a Digital Marketing technique of using Social Media Platforms to promote, Products and services.

The major social media platforms at the moment are

  • Facebook
  • YouTube
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • LinkedIn
  • Snapchat
  • Pinterest

Why Social Media is Important?

  1. Creates Brand Awareness
  2. Easy to connect with the Customers.
  3. Direct Traffic to your Site/Blog
  4. Social Media is inexpensive and make content viral.
  5. Social Media increases Trust.
  6. Learn How to Generate Leads with Social Media, etc.

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