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Local SEO – A Complete Guide to Local SEO Marketing

Local SEO is an SEO Technique in which Brands Optimize their online presence in a way to attract more customers from the local searches.

It is same like Organic SEO but it add a geographical factor in it.

Local SEO is also referred to as Local Search Marketing, It helps businesses promote their goods and services in the Local Customers at the exact time when they are looking for it.

Almost 50 percent of the searches on Google are Local Search.

And according to research, 50 percent of the people, Who did a local search on their smartphone actually went to a Store.

Google holds almost 90 percent of the Global Market Share in Web searches. That means you should give more effort into ranking on Google.

But that doesn’t mean you can avoid other search engines. They are also important, ignoring them may result in loss of business.

Ranking on a Local Seo Keywords helps in driving more sales to your business.

For Example, If someone ranks on the Keywords “How to fix Car Wiper Blade” means he is learning how to fix the blades.

In the other case, Keywords such as “car mechanic near me” or “car mechanic near my location” have more purchase intent in it, so ranking on these keywords can drive more business to you.

Search engines like google are encouraging the business to optimize their webpage according to local SEO factors.

A website that is optimized with keeping Local intend, tends to rank higher in the search results in a competition to those when are not optimized.

How Does Local SEO Work?

Whenever someone searches on Google, Search engine scans millions of Webpages and displays the best result possible.

To rank the Webpages, Search engines like google use algorithms. Currently, Google has more than 200 ranking factors, which decide the rankings.

Some major ranking factors in Local Search Engine Optimization are

  • Using Local Keywords
  • Google My Business Listing
  • Google Map Ratings
  • Online Reviews
  • Social Shares
  • Business Listings
  • Classified Listing
  • NAPW Citation

What is Google My Business?

Google My Business is a free tool by Google, to help business organize their online presence across the search engines.

This tool is very helpful for small and medium scale businesses to create and manage their online google listing.

Whenever someone finds a business on Google Maps or Search Engine. It creates trust between the audience and brands which further convert them into a customer.

Benefits of Google My Business

Once you verify or claim your business, You can edit your brand information, which can help both Business (to grow a business) and customers (to get information).

Make sure that the information provide on the google listing must include your Office address, Website and working hours.

All this information helps the customers reach your business.

Google my Business also helps you to interact with your customers, Your customers can give review, rate your product and service and post photos.

This tool also provides you detailed insights to track your performance. It gives you detailed analysis of how many people serched for your business.

It tells you about the number of people called your business directly from the telephone number displayed on local search results in Search and Maps.

What are NAPW Citations?

A citation is a place where details of your Business show-up together. These details include Name, Address, Phone Number, and Website URL.

Nap Citation

All these details are a very important ranking factor for Local SEO.

It’s a basic principle in Digital Marketing Strategy that you need to appear on every single platform where people are looking for businesses like you.

Otherwise, you will lag behind your competition.

How do I Rank Well In Local SEO

Ranking on Local Seo is almost similar to ranking on Organic SEO, the only difference is that it adds Geographical or regional element.

Here are few steps you need to take to rank high in your neighbourhood.

Optimize Your Website

Although in Google Listing it’s not mandatory to have a Website, But it can impact huge in your Listing position.

It’s advised to start your Campaign with your website First.

Nowadays it’s mandatory for you to create a mobile-friendly or responsive website if you want to grow your business, online.

Make sure that your website contains a “Contact Us” Page. Your contact us page must include a NAP Citation.



Phone Number

In addition, always display your Office Email ID, and try to integrate Chatbot to the website, try to give multiple options to your audience to contact you.

Provide your office timings and workings days along with your Address.

According to research, more than thirty percent of mobile searches are location-related and around seventy percent of searches result in a Phone call.

Verify that the Telephone number is clickable when accessed from mobile. It enhances the usage as it is user friendly.

Display Your Office Locations on the Google Map.

You must have seen many webpages displaying their locations on Map.

Google My Business NAP Citation

The whole purpose of displaying maps on the website is to make it easy for the people to find you.

According to research, more than eighty percent of people look for the business location on the map before leaving.

Add Schema markup in your Website

The schema was introduced by search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo to understand the website is about.

If you add schema in your Business website, you tell the search engine about your business and your reach.

knowledge panel - google rich snippet - Local SEO

Google favors the websites in ranking that have a schema integrated into it.

If your website is created on WordPress, There are many plugins available to create a schema markup such as Yoast.

Remember to test your added schema markup by using Google’s Structured Data testing tool.

Create Local Listing

We have already discussed the Google My Business Profile, this is one of the most important places where you must create a profile.

Fill all the details including map location. If you want to grow your business.

Another most important thing you need to do to increase your ranking in SERP is Local listing.

All you need to do is find Websites that are relevant to your business and your locations and create a profile of your brand there.

Create Account on Review Sites

Create Profiles on the local review sites too, Specially those sites which are most popular and most visited in the city.

Review sites

The more and higher reviews you get, the higher your listing will rank. Because reviews represent the quality of the goods and services you offer.

Many customers go to these sites to check the reviews and ratings made by the people before purchasing the goods or services.

Some of these sites are yelp, trip advisor, Yellow pages, Facebook, etc

Create your Social Media Profiles

Creating Profiles on various Social media Platforms can boost your ranking in SERP.

Although Social Media does not impact directly in your SERP Rankings it benefits indirectly.

Further Social Media can boost your sales of products and services and speedily increase your brand awareness.

Social Media Platforms
Check this Article on Social Media Platforms

Remember to fill all the information about your brand on your profile. This process is commonly known as Social media optimization.

Generating High Quality Backlinks

In SEO generating high-quality Backlinks plays a vital role in ranking a site on Search Engines. A backlink is a link coming to your website.

Always create a backlink from trusted sources because one good quality backlinks are better than 100 low-quality backlinks. What are high-Quality Backlinks?

How Local SEO can Boost Businesses

Digital Marketing is the fastest growing and most powerful way of marketing today and in the future.

A major significance of Digital Marketing is that it changes constantly. Local SEO is itself a major change that can boost local businesses.

Although the majority of the searches came from mobile, Local SEO also works in all Mobile, Desktops, or Tablets.

This means there are very fewer chances of you to miss out on any customer.

Increase in Local Searches

The majority of the people are turning to the Web to find information about Businesses.

According to research, more than 50 percent of smartphone users look for company information such as an address and phone before reaching the business.

Further, around eighty percent of online search results in offline purchases.

Local SEO is Extremely Targeted and gives higher ROI

One of the best reasons Brands does local SEO is that it’s extremely targeted to a specific audience.

People search online to find goods and services, sometimes they search for the brands, sometimes they don’t filter their searches by specific brands.

With a good SEO strategy, you can beat your competitors and rank higher than others.

Another benefit of Search engine optimization is that it provides a better Return of Investment than other forms of marketing.

People Trust what they see

Nowadays, people searches internet to find an information about goodsand services,

In today’s competitive world if your business is not on the first page of the Search engine result page, you will lose all online business.

Further, if your business has a website and ranks on the search engine, it creates trust among the audience regarding your business.

Ratings and Positive Reviews matters a lot

Local SEO Reviews and Ratings

Higher ratings and positive reviews can make a huge impact on your online reputation which ultimately affects your online business.

Good reviews always attract more customers because it makes a good impression on the customer about the goods and services and encourages him/her to make a purchase decision.

Similarly, bad ratings create a negative impact on your sales.

It’s very important for a brand to improve your online ratings by asking your customers to leave positive feedback.

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