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Instagram Hashtags Made Simple: what hashtags to use on Instagram

Using Hashtags on Instagram is very important for your Instagram Strategy. Instagram Hashtags can increase your post engagement by up to 15 percent.

What are Instagram Hashtags?

Instagram Hashtags are introduced by the Hash Symbol (#). They are a combination of words and numbers wrote after the “#” symbol. ( Eg- #SEO ).

Instagram hashtags are clickable and are also used to categorize the content on social media.

Anyone who clicks on Hashtags will be automatically redirected to the page displaying all the posts tagged with that particular hashtags.

Why Instagram Hashtags are Important?

Why Instagram Hashtags are Important
  • Hashtags not just on Instagram but on every social media site are used to categorize the posts on the bases of their content.
  • Hashtags make it easier for users to find specific content.
  • It pays a crucial role in expanding post reach. If you use the #hashtags in your post, then your post also appears on the hashtag page.
  • It plays a key role in targeting a specific audience in Instagram Strategy.
  • It also helps users to explore more content that catches their attention.

Types of Hashtags Best for Instagram

Type of Hashtags you use is largely depends on your niche.

Community Hashtags

Community hashtags are those that connect a group of people living in the same place or having certain attitudes and interests in common. These Hashtags on Instagram helps you find and join them.

Industry Hashtags

Industry Hashtags are very common and high competitive because millions of people use these hashtags daily in their posts. Example – #clothing #fashion

Niche Hashtags

Niche hashtags are more specific and are less competitive than Industy Hashtags. Examples – #vlogger #animator

Trending Hashtags

Trending Hashtags are those which are currently trending on Social media platforms. They are less competitive and gives you good engagement.

One thing you should take care of while using these hashtags is that you should not go off-topic or do not post irrelevant stuff. This might annoy your audience.

Brand Hashtags

Branded hashtags give an easy way for your audience to find you and your product on Instagram. They are a specific hashtag that you create for your own Product and Service.

Event Hashtags

These can refer to any event which is going on or going to be organized near you or around the world. If you are organizing any event you must use hashtags to gain more engagement. Examples – #corporateevents , #ultramusicfestival .

Location Hashtags

Instagram Hashtags

Although Instagram provides you geo-tag feature in your Instagram post, Still there is no harm to add some hashtag that points out your location. Examples – #londoneye #torontofashion

Daily Hashtags

Daily hashtags are very popular in Instagram, These hashtags are related to specific day or week. Example – #Mondaymotivation , #sundayfunday

What hashtags to use on Instagram

Here are a few things you need to know before you publish your next post on Instagram


One of the most important things you need to do before adding hashtags in your post is Hashtag Research. Do not simply add hashtags in your text.

The main purpose to do keyword research is to make sure that your post reaches the target audience.

You need to add hashtags that really benefits you, it should be related to your niche and add additional value to your post.

To do Hashtag research you can simply type your keyword in Instagram search, it will suggest you some most popular hashtags.

You can also use online tools such as All hashtags, Ingrammer, or any other tool, All you need to do is type your keyword and it will generate and suggest some related hashtags.

Hashtag Research for Instagram

And last but not least you can spy on your competitors. Just see what hashtags they are using, analyze their growth, and compare, all these measures will help you improve your Instagram strategy.

Spy Your Competitiors

Another thing you can do to decide what hashtags to use on Instagram is spying on your competitiors.

It’s very important for you to create a list of businesses that are related to the same industry.

Regularly check your competitor’s account, it will help you find out what is trending in the industry.

Especially when it comes to hashtags, sometime competitors account helps you more than any hashtag generator tools.

Create your Own Brand Hashtag

One of the best thing about Hashtags is the you can create your own hashtags.

Creating your own hashtags can help your audience and customers to find more information about your Products.

Brand Hashtags further increases your reach and engagement on Instagram.

Do not Spam with Hashtags

Instagram allows you to post 30 hashtags in a single post. But adding too many hashtags is not a good social media technique for your business.

How to use Instagram hashtags

It’s recommended that your post should not include hashtags more than 10.

Another thing to keep in mind before publishing the post is that you must include a good caption before add hashtags.

It’s better to include hashtags in your post first comment. By this, your followers will focus on your caption more.

Use Hashtags Which are Trending

Trending hashtags are those that are currently popular. Using these hashtags can improve your reach for the short term.

Do not just fill your post with hashtags just because they are trending. It will be of no use all.

Make sure that the hashtag you use should be relevent to your business.

Find Related Hashtags

Find hashtags related to your niche. They should be more specific, popular but not overcrowded like Industry Hashtags.

In Instagram , the related hashtags show just above the “Top” and “Recent” tabs when in the Explore section of Instagram.

Instagram Related hashtags

You can also use a Tool named Hashtagify. This tool helps you find the popular and related hashtags in your niche.


At last you need to analyse which hashtags are benefiting you.

Check your previous post, Figure out which of your post is popular. You can also check insights by using Instagram Insights tool.

Instagram Insights

Instagram Insights is the best tool to analyse your growth on Instagram.

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