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Google SEO Updates – Google Algorithm Updates Every SEO Specialist Must Know

Major Google SEO Updates.

Search engines like Google have been continuously evolving over the last few years.

The one and only important reason to do that is to provide the best results and experience to the searchers.

To do that Google continuously changes its algorithm. Some of the Google SEO Updates are minor that it hardly affects the SERP. But some updates are so big that they totally shake the Search engine rankings.

Before we discuss Google SEO Updates, You need to know How Search Algorithm works.

How does the Search Algorithm work?

There are Billions and Billions of Webpages available on the World Wide Web. Search Engines are designed to find, index, and sort all the webpages and rank them according to their usefulness, relevance, and quality.

And whenever someone searches for a specific keyword it presents them the best result in a fraction of seconds.

But how Seach engines like Google decides which Website is worth to be in the top results in the SERP and which to demote in the search results. To do that Google uses different sets of algorithms.

To provide you the best result Search Algorithm uses many factors such as Keywords, Relevance of a webpage, Quality of a Webpage, Originality, and freshness of content, and much more.

Usually, Google updates it’s Algorithm almost every day, In this article will only discuss Major Google Updates which affect the Search engine ranking.

Now lets take a look at the Major Google Algorithm Updates.

Google Panda Update

Google Panda Update - Google Algorithm

Google Panda Update was launched on 24 February 2011. The reason to launch a panda update was to target the webpages which spam, have poor quality content, and Duplicate Content which do not help the final user.

Panda Update mainly focuses on the On-page Factors of SEO. After several updates, in 2016 panda was finally added to the google core algorithm.

After the Panda update, many sites that have duplicate content or bad quality content was penalized.

How to Recover From Panda?

Use tools like Copyscape to check your site for Duplicate content. If your site contains any duplicate content immediately replace it with high-Quality content,

Try using original images and one of the most important factors is to avoid keyword stuffing. Adding too much keyword may cause a negative impact on your site.

Google Penguin Update

Google Penguin Update - Google Algorithm

Penguin update was launched on 24 April 2012, Penguin update was introduced to downrank the sites which are using artificial backlinks.

Before this update many people were buying backlinks as a timesaver or an easy trick to improve their ranking in the search engines, to prevent this from happening, Google introduces Penguin Update in their algorithm.

Penguin basically promotes everyone to make Organic and quality backlinks and penalize the sites which buy backlinks.

How to Recover From Penguin Update?

Always check your Backlink growth and run regular audits with SEO Tools. Never buy Backlink.

Hummingbird Update

Google Hummingbird Update - Google Algorithm

Hummingbird Update was launched on 22 August 2013, It was introduced to help Google understand the user’s query better.

It makes digital marketers focus on the Long Tail keywords as hummingbirds give attention to the whole keyword phrase rather than a single Word.

It also lay down the foundation of the Voice searches, it also enforced to use natural language.

How to Recover From HummingBird Update?

Spend more time on your Keyword Research, Use Long Tail Keywords rather than a single Word.

Pigeon Update

Google Pigeon Update - Google Algorithm
Image by Gordon Johnson from Pixabay

Google Launched Pigeon Update on 24 July 2014. In Pigeon Update Location of the user’s plays, a crucial role as this Google Update focuses on the Local SEO.

It gives preference to results that are available near the user’s locations. This update is more beneficial for the shop, restaurant, or Office owners. Google Maps also plays a very important role in SEO after this update.

How to Recover From Pigeon Update?

Optimize your Website both on Onpage and Off-page. Try listing in the local directories and classified.

The Mobile Update

Google Mobile Update was launched on 21 April 2015, It forces every site to be Mobile friendly or otherwise will be downranked in the SERP. After this update, only Mobile Friendly pages rank on Mobile searches.

It was important to do because more than 50% of Google Searches were coming from Mobile Devices.

How to Recover From Mobile Update?

Make your Website Mobile Friendly, If you are using WordPress then use Mobile-Friendly Themes.

Use Google Mobile-Friendly Test Tool to figure out which criteria need to work more. In the end, your site should be Mobile Friendly and fast.

Google RankBrain Update

Google RankBrain - Google Algorithm

It was launched on 26 October 2015, Google said that Rankbrain is one of the most important ranking factors.

RankBrain is a machine learning system which helps Google to handle queries. It actually guesses about the words which it doesn’t know and provides the best-matching search results in response to the query.

Fred Update

Google Launched Fred update on 8 March 2017. The exact Specifications of Fred is still not revealed by Google but many people say it targets sites with low-quality content.

Fred targets sites that are created only for the purpose of generating revenue by advertisements.

Many Blogs have reported that their traffic has been decreased by 50 to 90 percent after the update.

How to Recover From Fred Update?

Make sure the content you post on your webpage should be high quality and full of information.

Further do not spam your Webpage with Affiliate links and other advertisements. Google will only crack down those sites that prioritize affiliate links and advertisements over Content.

Google Medic Update

In the year 2018 August, Google updates its algorithm with a new factor called Google Medic. Many websites and blogs that were ranked in SERP lost their position after this update.

This Google Update cause a large effect on the health and finance niche. The purpose of the update is still unclear but It may have been an attempt to better match results.

These Google SEO Updates create a huge impact on search engine ranking. These Google Algorithm Updates are extremely important coz it provides the best results and experience to the searchers.

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