Update Gmail Phone number

Best Gmail Tips You can Use in Gmail Latest Version

What is Gmail?

Gmail is a free email service developed by Google. It was launched in the year 2004 and Today it’s the World’s most popular and Powerful Email Service. It’s available in 105 Languages.

After it’s launch Google keeps on improving its service and features and makes it more easy and convenient for its users.

Gmail Latest Version is much advance compared to its oldest version back in 2004.

What is the difference between email and Gmail?

Email is a process of exchanging digital messages on the internet.

Gmail is an email service provide by the Google.

How to Update Gmail phone number?

To update your phone number in Gmail, go to Google, and at the top right corner click on the Manage your Google Account.

The go-to Personal Info and under the contact information select phone. Then click on the edit next to your number, Then You can Update Gmail phone number.

Best Gmail Tips You can Use in Gmail Latest Version.

Gmail Shortcuts

Gmail Latest Version

Gmail has many shortcut keys. Just open your Gmail and Press (Shift + ?).

Full list of Gmail Keyboard shortcuts will popup on your screen. or you can go to the gear icon on the top right then go to settings and select keyboard shortcuts.

Access Gmail latest Version in Yahoo mail or Outlook.com

To access Gmail in yahoo, open your Yahoo mail. Go to settings then go to mail and select mail then click on Gmail. You can also add other mail accounts such as outlook.com.

The same process to follow in the Outlook. Go to settings in Outlook.com then view all outlook settings then mail them then sync mail then you will be able to open Gmail in outlook.

Check Which Apps Have Access to Gmail

There are many Apps that can look through your Gmail messages. So you may want to check which apps have access to your accounts.

Go to myaccount.google.com/Security and scroll down to the “Third-party apps with account access” section. Click Manage third-party access to disconnect any apps you don’t need.

Advance search

Google Advance Search - Gmail Latest Version

To do Advance Search in Gmail click on the Down arrow in the search bar. You will find a dialog box. You can filter your searches like Size, Date, or search on a specific folder like inbox, spam, starred or draft, etc.

Smart Reply

In smart Reply, you can prepare three, short appropriate replies to messages you receive. You just need to Click or Tap on the response to reply.

To turn the smart reply on go to settings the General then select smart reply then click on the Smart Reply On.

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